On the hottest night of the year, what respite would you seek? Might it be to go up on the roof? Then again, what if the discovery of a telescope could lead you on an adventure?

It seems that with just a little work on the ‘zoomer- inner‘ and some polishing of the lens, the boy and his Grandad can see a planet! In fact, this planet is so clear to them, that it’s obvious that the astronauts alongside a space module are in trouble. It means that they need the boy and Grandad’s help! This will need a plan, measuring and designing, an undercarriage and a countdown. Their journey is carefully plotted upon intergalactic star charts, so that they go through ‘asteroid clouds‘ and around ‘a quasar‘. Won’t the astronauts be pleased to see the boy and Grandad? Then again, it seem they’e a bit of measuring, drilling, sticking and gluing to do to make the space module operable for the astronauts!

All of this action would make it too exciting to sleep! In fact, wouldn’t they fly through the night to land by parachute the next morning?

Bookwagon is awed by the pictures, the imagination, the wonder, inspired by Zoom! Like the other series featuring the boy and Grandad, this picture book is laden with possibilities. Altogether, it is a triumph. Bookwagon loves and recommends Zoom! 

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Sam Usher

(Templar Books)

Where will the boy and his grandfather travel next? Might it involve a Zoom! into places far beyond? In fact could it all begin on the ‘hottest day of the year’, when it’s ‘hotter than Venus,/- hotter than the Sun, – hotter than the Big Bang!’? Thereafter, might it be that Grandad suggests that the only ‘thing for it‘ is to ‘go up on the roof‘?
It seems that this place reveals a telescope that offers a gate way to the stars if you carry it to ‘the top of the ladder and through the hatch’ Then again, is it possible that when Grandad fixes the ‘zoomer- inner’ and then the lens, that it’s possible to see a planet, a space module and astronauts. In fact, it looks as though they’re in trouble, and in need of help without any delay!
Thereafter, we watch the measuring and designing, sticking and planning, climbing aboard and starting of the engine. In fact, we count down to the launch….
Sam Usher has delighted readers through this pairs adventures with titles including, FoundRain and Free. Bookwagon is charmed and inspired by Zoom! What’s more, we’re off to our roof, to lift the hatch and seek a bold, wonderful adventure!


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