Be the Change


In ‘Biodiversity‘, poet Roger Stevens urges us, ‘As we journey on I would suggest/ with quiet exactitude/ we respect our fellow travellers/ Not to would just be rude.‘ There is a lot of good advice in ‘Be the Change’, yet this collaborative poetry collection inspires rather than lectures. Within the advice is fresh, encouraging information.

Liz Brownlee shares the story of Bhutan’s snow leopard, where ‘60% of their country must remain forest forever’. Therefore, ‘- the snow leopard became/ part snow, part snow shadow, part magic’… Meanwhile Roger Stevens questions, ‘Who Owns Planet Earth’? Who owns the Stars and Moon/ who owns the ancients forests? Who owns the mountains high? … Who owns the bright blue sky?’ 

‘Be the Change‘ is a wonderful collection of poems by three of Britain’s finest poets. There is a rich variety of device, language and vocabulary in these works, that arrive at poetry of meaning. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this persuasive, beautifully crafted title.

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Be the Change

Poems to Help You Save the World

Liz Brownlee, Matt Goodfellow, Roger Stevens

(Pan Macmillan)

‘Be the Change‘ is a /
These experienced, capable poets have created a work that encourages and informs. Bookwagon delights in works by each, from Apes to Zebras to The Same Inside. We are proud to welcome ‘Be the Change’ aboard.


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